Quality, Health, Safety and Environmental Policy

JFE Engineering Indonesia is fully committed to develop and maintain a strong positive HSE culture in every project, where all individuals are aware of Quality, Health, Safety, and Environment impact of their working activity and take appropriate corrective action to minimize risk.      

The Management has the responsibility to ensure that training and resources are adequate to allow correct working practice and risk and hazards are adequate controlled. 

All employees have the duty to work and conduct themselves in compliance with this policy and procedure. 

In particular terms, JFE Engineering Indonesia Project Team will demonstrate the commitment by:

a. Performing well planned and controlled jobs.

b. Application of the appropriate materials determined and specified by the customer

c. Active involve to prevent the environmental exposure, also reduce disease as impact of work & accident/incident

d. Active improve the work performance & human resources quality continuously

e. Readiness, swiftness and responsiveness in implementing commitment by means of synergy of all company resources for customer trust and satisfaction

f. Consistently comply to Government Regulation & Requirements

g. Perform behavioral to promote safe working culture & health and also well being of its employees

h. Encourage employee participation in HSE program implementation.

This policy will be reviewed regularly and implemented.

Some of the certifications we have

Our certificates :

29 Mar 2019 - SMK3
13 Dec 2019 - ISO 14001: 2015
ISO 14001: 2015
13 Dec 2019 - ISO 45001:2018
ISO 45001:2018